A downloadable game

First Ludum Dare for Team Zodiac Games Studio!

Built entirely in Python from scratch, Engine and all.

Some Graphics created in GIMP.

You are an alien commander tasked with destroying Twenty Town. Complete puzzles to destroy buildings in the town!


Point and click


Levels 1,6,11,and 16:

Guess the combination. (HINT: Green is not correct it is on and red is off)

Levels 2,7,12,and 17:

Complete the circuit by connecting the nodes in the correct order - just click the two boxes you want to connect. (Nodes are the small black boxes)

Levels 3,8,13,and 18:

Word Association for verification: Match the words to prove you are you.

Levels 4,9,14,and 19:

Memory Game: Match the tiles to lock onto your target!

Levels 5,10,15,and 20:

Passwords: Unscramble the password hints to launch your nukes!

And of course have fun!

Install instructions

Download the game, extract the folder and double-click the shortcut and enjoy!


DECI-Mation.zip 7 MB